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Controlling delivery terms and times is the key to a mutually beneficial and honest relationship between customer and supplier.

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Cargo Tracker is a compact device that detects dynamic changes in temperature, humidity and pressure inside or outside the transported object. He also records any physical impact, clearly defines the time of loading and unloading goods.



High precision

Accuracy: temperature - 0.01°C, humidity - 3%, pressure - 0.01 hPa



Suitable for transportation by land, air, and water


Temperature control

The tracker records the temperature in the range from -55°C to 125°C


Load control

Registers the load on the transported object up to 8G

Water drop

Moisture control

Capable of fixing any level of humidity (0 - 100%)


Pressure control

The tracker measures pressure in the range from 300 to 1100 hPa


Easy integration

Compact and lightweight tracker for easy placement anywhere


Timing control

The device clearly records loading and unloading times

Where to use?



Time and temperature control are the two most important factors. A temperature change of just 2 degrees can render the medication useless - or even dangerous for the patient



According to statistics, one third of the food produced for human consumption becomes unusable. In almost all cases, the reason is non-compliance with the temperature norm



Special equipment requires systematic control during storage and transportation. Humidity and shock are especially hazardous to custom-made equipment



Wine is a sensitive liquid that requires special care during transport. Sudden changes in temperature are common for wine during transportation, which, in turn, can adversely affect its quality



When transporting and storing expensive components and electronics products, it is necessary to monitor mechanical damage, temperature and humidity



Improper handling of sensitive chemicals can cause adverse chemical reactions that render the product unsuitable for use and disposal, and in some cases even dangerous

How does it work?

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At point A, the tracker is magnetically attached to the object of transportation in any convenient place

Throughout the trip, records time, climatic changes, and physical impact on the transported goods

At point B, the tracker is removed and all received data is read using a QR code by a mobile application

We will help you optimize the transportation process and increase the confidence of your customer or supplier!

The tracker will be useful to you if you:



Work in the field of medicine and need to supply quality medicines that are demanding on the temperature maintained throughout the entire manufacturing and delivery process.

Organize banquets, buffets, and other gastronomic events and need high-quality wine, fresh food products, including for the preparation of exotic dishes.

Organize industrial production of technologically complex projects. Delivering fragile, expensive electronics and materials requires careful attention to physical damage.



Work with Cold chain logistics. When transporting medicines, it is necessary to track every slightest change in temperature, as this affects their final quality.

Organize food delivery. Wine, perishable and exotic food is something that needs to be delivered under total temperature control, otherwise, it will inevitably go bad.

A logistics company that delivers fragile and transport-sensitive products. The ability to track the exact time of changing conditions ensures the quality of logistics and legal protection